Apoio Institucional

Freixedas will be the home of Euro A 1:8 2018!

This afternoon, just six years after inception, the Clube de Radiomodelismo de Freixedas was selected as the host of the EFRA European Championship A 1:8 Buggy 2018!

Being selected among some of Europe’s highest ranked tracks and clubs is a true honor, only possible due to the hard work of the team who this year already organised and run the EFRA European Championship B 1:8 Buggy 2016.

We would like to thank all the drivers, mechanics, sport lovers and friends who made this possible, highlighting a few people who were instrumental in this application: Mr. Carlos Gomez (EFRA 1:8 Buggy Section Chairman), Mr. Jose Pineda (AECAR President), Mr. Javier Llobregat (AECAR International Vocal), Mr. Kevin Griffin (BRCA 1:8 IC Chairman), Mr. Filomeno Félix and FEPRA members who represented our application at the EFRA AGM!

Look forward for continue this journey together!